Meet Your Neighbor: David Knee

"I’ve been coming to QCH's Kew Gardens Community Center for 15 years. I found out about it when a woman told me about a drama group, Belle’s Players, which meets once a week. I’ve been coming to the center to perform with the group ever since.

After 50 years as a mathematics professor, I finally retired a few years ago. Now, in addition to performing with Belle's Players, I also volunteer by leading mathematics discussion groups and teaching two tai chi classes. I recently became certified in ‘Tai Chi for Arthritis’ so I could lead a special class for seniors with joint pain.

The center has given me a chance to continue doing what I love. Teaching the tai chi classes keeps me fit and the drama group allows me to stay in touch with my artistic side. The discussion groups allow me to stay in touch with my lifelong career in mathematics. Kew Gardens Community Center is a one-stop shop for all my favorite hobbies."

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