Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Shivani Patel

"I've always had a passion for helping others, in any way I could. After losing my dad at the age of 17, I put a lot of my focus in school and doing what I could to make him proud. I was balancing my studies while also being a caretaker for my grandma.

Meet Your Neighbor: Arden Boyle

"I moved to New York four years ago from a suburban town in North Carolina. Lifestyle is very different here, but pursuing a career in the performing arts in New York has always been my dream. 

Meet Your Neighbor: Cazmiera Wise

"My husband and I raised our four sons in Pomonok. I worked in Healthcare for over 15 years, but when COVID happened, I left my job to stay home with my sons and help them with school. Thankfully, the Pomonok Community Center has always been there to provide support for our family,

Meet Your Neighbor: Cesar Ebonia

"I have been teaching for 28 years (8 years in the Philippines and 20 years in New York City) and I still feel excited by teaching. I consider every year as a new teaching-learning experience.

Meet Your Neighbor: Calvin Chu

"I grew up in Forest Hills, New York. Upon graduating college, I developed social anxiety and sought solace at Toastmasters, a non-profit organization focused on improving members' communication skills.

Meet Your Neighbor: Michael Gordon

“This September will be my third year doing the charity ride for Children's Cancer Research Fund. I started doing this ride because I have always tried to find ways to give back. Since I am not wealthy, I give back using what I have.

Meet Your Neighbor: Gladys (and her guide dog Krista!)

"I currently volunteer for QCH’s Friendly Visiting program. As happy as I am to be able to help them, volunteering with the program has also helped me a lot, teaching me to have more patience, empathy, and understanding with people, especially older adults.

Meet Your Neighbor: Jessica Chin

"Life during the pandemic was a (socially distanced friendly) roller coaster ride.

Meet Your Neighbor: Peter Merani

"I've been at QCH for almost three years and I've gotten to work on some great government proposals. My typical day involves working with our Chief Strategy Officer (Dennis) and our Associate Executive Directors (Mary, Ivonne, and Robin).

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