Programs & Services

  • Youth Services

    Queens Community House provides comprehensive youth development programming for young people ages 5 to 21.

  • Adult & Family Services

    Queens Community House offers a broad range of family and community services reflective of our ongoing commitment to fostering strong, stable, and self-sufficient families and communities throughout Queens.

  • Older Adult Services

    Queens has the largest, fastest-growing, and most culturally and ethnically diverse older adult population in New York City. If you are age 60 or over and live in Queens, or are a caregiver for a senior living in Queens, QCH likely has something of interest to you.

Latest News

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Constance Vien

    "When I came to New York, I had $60 in my pocket and three suitcases to my name. I slept on the toilet at Port Authority with my feet up so no one would see me. After a few weeks, I found a job as a factory seamstress in Brooklyn. When that wasn’t enough to live on, I got a second job as a waitress. Finally, I rented a room for $8 a week. When I shut off the light, the roaches were my only company. I was determined to make it on my own."

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Queens Community House provides individuals and families with the tools to enrich their lives and build healthy, inclusive communities.