Meet Your Neighbor: Chris Losurdo

It was during Hurricane Sandy, and I was charging my phone in a Panera when I got the call. I had 24 hours to create a proposal for a new alternative high school and convince the DOE that a teacher/former bagel shop owner could build a school from the ground up.  After rounds of interviews, they accepted my proposal and here I am, the founding principal of Voyages Preparatory South High School.

Over the past five years, word has gotten out that we are successful in what we do. We've aimed to create a environment that appeals to kids who want to finish high school and have an opportunity to become employed and go to college. We provide one to one attention for all 275 of our students, offering a safe, inclusive environment that supports students academically and emotionally.

Staff put in a great deal of time and energy to make sure the walls reflect our students' interests, needs and passions. Our students have such a short time here, so we are very serious about hand-crafting their experience. I believe our school does so well because they can sense how much we care.

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