Meet Your Neighbors: The Alfaro Sisters

“Our family came to the United States from El Salvador. My sister and I came to QCH for the English classes; we wanted to communicate better with people. The way they teach us here is better than any other place I’ve been. The students get to participate and interact with each other, instead of the teacher just talking. Now that I’ve learned English, I want to get my high school equivalency diploma and eventually go to a university. No matter what I will keep working hard and never forget my goals.” – Lorena (right)

“Now that I’m pregnant and have a lot of doctors’ appointments, it’s a necessity for me to learn English. I can listen and understand English but I want to be able to speak fully, and the English classes are helping me with that. I’m normally shy but at QCH I feel comfortable and I get to participate a lot. Being here, I feel that there are so many possibilities and I can live my dreams.” – Mayra (left)

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