Meet Your Neighbor: Dr. Brian Kerr

"As the Assistant Dean for Student Development (at Queensborough Community College), I work with QCH’s College Access and Success Program staff to let them know how their students are doing. I also help the students find what they need. We’ve done orientation, given advice regarding admissions, and provided tours of the campus.

"Many of the students are academically under-prepared and economically disadvantaged. Coming to college isn’t a particularly easy thing, especially when you don’t have a lot of people in your corner. You can’t be angry when someone says, ‘I didn’t do well last semester because we were getting eviction notices and I had to work double shifts so that we had a place to live.’ But if they communicate with me from the beginning, I can see what we can do.

"I think any program that provides additional guidance to a student in this day and age is an important thing. Agencies like QCH, working in conjunction with the higher education institutions, are a beacon of light. CASP staff members not only provide supportive services, but they help the students formulate tangible outcomes for themselves."

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