Meet Your Neighbor: Djeneba

"During covid, just like everyone else, I felt alone and needed some sort of emotional and social support during these confined times. Access for Young Women (AFYW) was that support for me. To have a group of young women come together and talk about things that would either be considered taboo or "TMI" (too much information) was not only refreshing, but comforting. We even had an opportunity to present about issues that we cared about for the sake of educating our community. My AFYW community is important to me because they pushed me to go even further with issues that I cared about and built my confidence.

Now, when I think of a woman that fuels my goals and ambitions, it would be myself. I like to see my future self as my role model. Whatever future Djeneba is out there doing successful things, she’s definitely who I look up to because she gives me hope that I will become exactly who I want to be; a successful and influential leader."

- Djeneba, Access for Young Women participant


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