Meet Your Neighbor: Breona Burton

I never saw myself becoming part of the culinary field. My dream was to become a private detective, so when I started college, I pursued Criminal Justice. I encountered a hurdle in school, so when I took a break, I found myself at a crossroads.  It was right about then that someone recommended the Queens Connect Program.
As a Queens Connect participant, I learned to work in a real NYC kitchen. I learned about unique ingredients from our teacher, Chef John. He’d mix two things I’d never heard, and the outcome would always surprise me.
My cohort and I spent hours in the classroom learning how to write a resume and cover letter and how to interview. We focused on communication skills, empathy, and teamwork. Chef taught me how to take feedback and work together with my peers under pressure in the kitchen. I’ve used these lessons outside of the kitchen, too!
When I graduated from the program, I had a tool box filled with recipes and techniques, a food handler’s license, and not one, but two opportunities to work in a local bakery. Now I’m thinking of opening up my own bakery! I might even become a bakery owner/private detective, the very first of a kind!

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