NY1 visits Adult Education Classes at Forest Hills Community Center

On April 18, a NY1 reporter visited our Adult Education program to help spread information about our upcoming English class registration.

Two packed classes were underway when reporter Chelsea Katz arrived at our Forest Hills Community Center (FHCC) Thursday morning. A late student or two scurried past her tripod to find their seats as teachers reviewed the day’s syllabus and welcomed everyone to class.

“Our classes are a sanctuary for immigrants in New York," said program director Bino Realuyo "[Students] come to class not only to learn English but to reconstruct their lives. There are about 2.2 million New Yorkers who don’t have a high school diploma or are not proficient in the English language. It’s important for immigrants to learn English so they can get jobs, talk with children’s teachers and doctors - for all practical purposes. It’s important for the city and for our country.”  

Patricia Cervera, a student from one of the classes, spoke about the impact the classes have made on her and her family.

The segment aired on April 18 on both NY1 and NY1 Noticias. To learn more about our free English classes, please contact at (718) 592-5757 (extension 216 for day classes or 222 for evening classes) or via email englishschool@qchnyc.org.

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