Meet Your Neighbor: Karine Yusupov

It was always my dream to open up a daycare center.  Challenges stood in my way for so many years, but I’m determined.  Last year, with the support of my friends and family, I finally opened up my own in-home daycare. In no time at all, my home was filled toddlers, and I earned the reputation of the neighborhood grandma.

Queens is a diverse place to live, and my business reflects that. I have children from so many different countries, backgrounds and religions at my center. I’m proud that my program is a place for children to learn about diversity and acceptance.

I joined QCH’s Queens Childcare Network last year to learn about different opportunities for in-home daycare providers like myself.  I met so many people who are doing exactly what I’m doing. At meetings and events we share resources and get to know each other.  Being a member of the Queens Childcare Network connects means having colleagues to support you.

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