Meet Your Neighbor: Christian Melendez

“I’m currently in the Agriculture Program at John Bowne High School, and my teacher told us about the Pomonok Center and what a great place it was. I met the Director of the Youth Food Justice  program and we had such a great talk that I signed up to be a part of it.

“I’ve been here for two years now and it really is cool. The director is one of the nicest and most tolerant supervisors I’ve met. When I go to him, I feel like I’m talking to somebody who understands me. He’s always pushing me to do better. He even gave me references for my college applications.

“I love coming to the Food Justice program. We’ve made a documentary about food, we’ve learned to compost, we take care of the two community gardens, and so many other things. It’s not just about getting your hands dirty and gardening; we’re learning about where our food comes from and how to take care of the things we grow.

“Ultimately, this program has taught me how to be a leader and take initiative. I used to be really timid, but because of this I’ve been able to communicate more proficiently and get my ideas out there.” 

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