PBS NewsHour: Services change rapidly to protect seniors from COVID-19

Services change rapidly to protect seniors from COVID-19 | March 22, 2020: As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, one thing we do know is that for seniors and those with existing medical issues, the disease caused by the virus is particularly deadly. Newshour Weekend Producer Molly Enking reports on how organizations that support New York City's seniors are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Extra care was given to distancing measures while reporting this story. [...]

Senior centers exist to help combat isolation among older Americans. but many have had to close their doors. including this one in Forest Hills, Queens. There's usually a daily group meal in the gym. Now, food is being prepared as to-go lunches, individually packed meals that seniors can call ahead to reserve. [...]

Queens Community House runs this senior center and four others. Ben Thomases is the executive director. "Queen Community House has always taken the position that our society needs to do much, much more to protect vulnerable people even in ordinary circumstances." [...]

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