Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Yalime Ospina

Both my daughters have been involved with QCH after school programs since they started school. My oldest is in seventh grade at JHS 217 and my youngest is in third grade at PS 86.

Meet Your Neighbor: Lucy Lu

I first came to the Forest Hills Senior Center fifteen years ago. At that time, I didn’t know many people here, and I’d never taken a Tai Chi class. I am originally from Taiwan and spent many years traveling the globe for my career, so new experiences never intimidate me.

Meet Your Neighbor: Ozzie Araujo

My first memories of QCH are from when I was four years old.  I attended the Early Childhood Program, which was great for my parents since they both worked. When I was 11, I joined the Afterschool Athletics program.

Meet Your Neighbor: Pam Chowayou

I am a Forest Hills local, and my elderly dad, Kenny, has been receiving QCH’s Meals on Wheels service for about three months now.

Meet Your Neighbor: Breona Burton

I never saw myself becoming part of the culinary field. My dream was to become a private detective, so when I started college, I pursued Criminal Justice.

Meet Your Neighbor: Detective Alex Escalante

I wanted to be a police officer from day one. When I turned 18, I took the exam and have been with NYPD ever since.

Meet Your Neighbor: Shoba Dalvi

I came to America in 1972 from Mumbai. I had two beautiful daughters and launched a 25-year career in the Insurance industry. When I retired in 2012, I learned about QCH’s Senior Center in Forest Hills.


Meet Your Neighbor: Michael Gordon

Growing up, my stepdad was a Federal Agent, so I’ve lived in almost every state on the East Coast from New York to Florida. I’ve worked in every field, from food service to truck driving to construction to car sales.  

Meet Your Neighbor: Miriam Elkhouly

“I was a lawyer in my home country, Peru. When the political climate changed, I lost my job and found it very difficult to find another position.

Meet Your Neighbor: Cesar Peña

“I left Guatemala for New York City when I was 35 years old. My wife, two daughters and I moved into the Forest Hills Co-op, and I started washing dishes at a local bakery.

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