Meet Your Neighbor: Marvin Quintero

“I graduated with a cybersecurity degree from SUNY. As I scouted for IT job opportunities, I kept seeing a job requirement of multiple years of experience, which I didn’t have. So I widened my search to more jobs in different industries. During my search, my aunt shared with me a QCH Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) flyer for 2023, so I applied and got the chance to be a food handler at the Forest Hills Older Adult Center’s food pantry. While I was there, I learned a lot about how to work well with others. The QCH staff liked that I was so willing to help in different areas, and when they found out I had an interest in IT, they let me lead classes introducing older adult participants to innovative Virtual Reality equipment. The staff took time to learn about my passion for IT, and they made an effort to find ways to utilize my IT skillset during my SYEP experience. Today, I'm proud to say that after SYEP, QCH gave me a chance to work as an IT Specialist for the organization, and I've been here ever since. I love working here.

My advice to people interested in SYEP is that you can make the most out of your SYEP experience, no matter the worksite where you’re placed, by not being afraid to tell worksite managers about your skills and interests. SYEP is great for young people, regardless of where you are in life, looking to get into the working field.”

- Marvin Quintero, Former QCH SYEP Participant

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