Meet Your Neighbor: Frank Zhao

"Having lived in Queens, 'the world’s borough' for a long time, as an immigrant, I really enjoy spending my time at QCH, where I've been able to take language classes and play table tennis. Learning languages is a great way to connect with other people, and playing ping pong is doing a lot of good for my health, in addition to making friends with people of different cultural backgrounds. The Forest Hills Older Adult Center gives me opportunities to get to know my neighbors better and mingle.

Also, while I'm here I get to help other non-English speakers become members of the QCH family and get the services they need. I'm a firm believer that if every one of us just offers a little help, the world would be a better place. So it brings me joy when I'm able to help someone get registered with QCH. My way of contributing to the community is by connecting neighbors to QCH's services.
QCH truly is a big family house for all of us who live in this borough. I am grateful to be a member of this great house and would like to let others know how great it is."

- Frank Zhao, program participant and volunteer at the Forest Hills Older Adult Center


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