Meet Your Neighbor: Melissa Noble

"The first time I got connected to QCH was during my fall semester of 2021. It was my last semester in the social work program at QCH and I was required to do an internship for class. At the time I knew nothing about trade school or what a trade was. The only path I knew about after leaving college would be college, the army, or finding a job. The more I learned, the more I liked the fact that trade school gave students another path after high school to start a business, expand on a skill, or join a professional career. I thought it was very interesting that trade school isn’t brought up in other high schools as another option and I had to wait until my senior year in college to even learn anything about it. Now that I'm the Alternatives to College counselor, I like that I can give those students the opportunity to explore other options outside of college."

- Melissa Noble, QCH CASP Alternatives to College Counselor

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