QCH Queens Childcare Network to Launch Project Funded by 'The Peoples Money'

Earlier this year, tens of thousands of New Yorkers ages 11 and over voted on how to spend more than $5 million of the city's budget on addressing their borough's needs. The results are in! For the first cycle of "The People's Money", NYC's first-ever citywide participatory budgeting process, three projects were chosen in Queens to receive $280,000 each:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Guidance for Kids - after-school workshops for middle schoolers on the importance of proper nutrition, rest, exercise, and mental and physical health;
  • Young Entrepreneurs Program - teaching a youth cohort about opening and sustaining a small business by providing basic management and interpersonal skills; and
  • Parent Support and Wellness Services - free and accessible parental support within early childhood centers/elementary schools.

The Parent Support and Wellness Services initiative will be launched by our own Queens Childcare Network (QCCN). QCCN will enhance parent wellness and stability for commonly marginalized Queens families by offering monthly educational sessions on parenting topics, developing an online Parent Resource Directory, and coordinating a Parent Help Line to guide parents in need of referrals for childcare, educational, medical, behavioral, mental health, legal, vocational, or social services.

It's participatory budgeting season again. In October, the Civic Engagement Commission kicked off the second year of "The People's Money." As the borough anchor, QCH will be hosting public idea generation sessions across Queens to help neighbors brainstorm for creative projects that will then be put up for vote next spring. For information on upcoming sessions near you, email advocacy@qchnyc.org.

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