Hundreds show up to be Here4Queens

On October 22nd,  hundreds of caring individuals stood with QCH to help residents and families struggling during this difficult time. With your support, the organization hosted Recovering Together, a Virtual Event. Cheryl Wills, NY1 Anchor, and self-described “Queens girl” hosted the engaging and inspiration evening. For 45 minutes, attendees were treated to a moving tribute to those helping lift up Queens residents. In addition, the audiences learned how the organization is leveraging the support of its new and past donors to help individuals and families in the community.   

A24 Films, the movie studio behind notable films like Moonlight and Uncut Gems were honored for their philanthropic leadership. They helped to raise funds to support COVID relief efforts at QCH and other organizations throughout the city. QCH also honored Hallie's Angels and Queens Together for their partnership in helping to deliver meals to those having food challenges during the height of the crisis.

While the virtual event was a success, the unprecedented need for food, housing assistance, mental/emotional health counseling and emergency cash relief will require the organization to continue fundraising through the end of the year. This will help ensure flexible resources are available to provide the highest level of care and assistance to those who will continue to face challenges over the next few months.   

Low-income, immigrant, and older adult participants are still at-risk right now, as are thousands of working families who have not regained their sources of income and struggling to keep themselves sheltered and fed. Funds from the event, relief campaign and ongoing fundraising will allow the organization to expand its pantry operations, provide emergency assistance grants and continue vital programs like case management and assistance with seeking benefits and helping our young people navigate remote learning.

If you would like to stand with QCH to ensure that there are resources available for those in need, please consider making a donation (here), spearheading a fundraiser (here) or volunteering your time (here).



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