A Statement from QCH Leadership on Systemic Racism

The events of the past weeks have left many of us at a loss for words. The grief America is feeling for George Floyd and the systemic injustices that have been part of our nation’s history have made support for Black Americans and Black communities more important than ever. We join Black Americans, along with the rest of the nation, in grieving and speaking out against the recent murder of George Floyd, the utterly unnecessary and indefensible death of Breonna Taylor, and the racial profiling and shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery – tragic reminders that Black lives are systemically undervalued in this country. 
We understand that racism is not gone, or a regional concern, or a historical remnant. It is deeply rooted and it exists throughout our society. That is why we will always stand against racism, discrimination, and violence against any one of our community members. Our Black community members deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We understand that for them, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Akai Gurley, Walter Scott, Botham Jean, Laquan McDonald (and so many others) are more than just names in the news; they represent parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, and family. We hear you. We are listening. We understand the sadness, the rage, the grief, and we stand with you! We pledge to work alongside you, to challenge the longheld institutionalized structures and beliefs that have allowed this deep, systemic inequity to remain in place. As protesters respond and call out for justice and accountability, we stand in solidarity by saying, Black Lives Matter. Black Lives should ALWAYS MATTER!
Queens Community House envisions an empowered community that values diversity, respect, and mutual responsibility, one wherein ALL people feel supported, have voice, are actively engaged, and have equal access to opportunities. Queens Community House will continue to live by this vision. We will continue our critical census work that enables our community's voices to be heard and recognized; we will continue to advocate for those who the System would silence; and we will continue to work to undo the racism that wounds all of us. We are committed to this work for the long-haul, and to the long-term organizing and advocacy work that will be required to create the community described in our vision statement. It is our hope that you, a friend of QCH, will join us in fighting the inequality and injustice that is so pervasive in our community.

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