Meet Your Neighbor: Victoria Molina

"I just completed my freshman year at the High School for Arts & Business. During the early part of the school year, I kept hearing great things about the impact of QCH’s Access for Young Women program on adolescents and young adults, so I decided to join. The program helped me develop leadership skills, strengthen my public speaking, and engage in several issues in society impacting women. And here at AFYW, my voice is heard.

When I think about the women who have been positive influences on my life, two people come to mind. In addition to being the lead of the household, my mother always encourages me to live a beautiful, happy life while working hard to achieve all my future goals. Outside of home, Gaby, AFYW Director, has been a great influence for me, running a program that improves the lives and futures of young adults.

A few goals I have include becoming valedictorian in school, having a job in the medical field, creating a short poem book, and living my happiest life. All of these goals require some sort of work and leadership skills. Having both my mother and Gaby in my life supports me in achieving my future goals."

- Victoria Molina, Access for Young Women participant

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