Volunteers Needed for New Friendly Visiting Program

Queens Community House, a $16 million dollar nonprofit offering social services to youth, families and older adults, has officially launched its Friendly Visiting Program.

The Friendly Visiting Program, which is funded by the New York City Department for the Aging, matches home-bound seniors with volunteers for weekly visiting. Specifically, the volunteers will visit older adults in QCH’s Case Management program on a regular basis, providing companionship and monitoring general well-being.

“We are so happy to be one of the sites launching this program,” Blanca Goris, Director of Case Management and Meals on Wheels, said. “We believe this program will improve seniors’ lives by reducing their social isolation and combatting the loneliness they often face when families are not around. Their mental health will improve drastically just by meeting with someone who wants to spend time with them.”

Volunteer Coordinator Nicole Johnson also stated that the Friendly Visiting Program will create stronger community ties for both the senior and volunteer involved in the program.

“By implementing the Friendly Visiting Program in our QCH communities we hope we will be able to create inter-generational safety networks that are mutually beneficial for the senior and the volunteer,” Johnson said. “Volunteers will feel like they are helping their fellow residents and making their community a better place, and the seniors will feel like their community cares about their everyday lives.”

Queens Community House is still recruiting and looking for volunteers to participate in the first 6-month cycle of the program. If you or anyone you know would like to be a Friendly Visitor and befriend a senior, contact Stefanie Jackowitz at (929) 296-3264 or email volunteer@qchnyc.org.

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