Meet Your Neighbor: Carlton Murrell

I’ve been teaching art classes at Queens Community House for roughly 13 years. Working with older adults means a lot to me because I’m getting up in age, myself.  I see folks out there that have always wanted to pursue art, but never had the time. Now they come and paint with me every week.

Not only is it fun to paint, but I find it to be therapeutic. Like anybody else, I have my share of stress, but when I sit in front of the canvas, I exhale. Whatever is congesting my mind or interfering with my psyche just comes out.
In my 50 years as a painter, I’ve done hundreds of exhibitions, won several awards and am versatile in oils, water colors, pastels and sketching. Just this month, I was presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who. I was also named a National Unsung Hero of Barbados. I’m proud to be in the history books of my home country.

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