Meet Your Neighbor: Pemba C. Sherpa

“I graduated from Hunter College in 2013 with my psychology degree. I played basketball for Hunter and afterwards I pursued a professional career in basketball in Asia and played for the Nepal national team. Then, I became a program coordinator for Golden Gate College in Nepal – and that’s how I got to the administrative side of sports.

“I came back to the US and eventually took a job as an assistant basketball coach at Kew-Forest High School. I heard about QCH from my students. I was attracted to QCH because of the community feeling.

"I have huge shoes to fill as the new director, but I want to see what I can do to grow the Evening Teen Center. I’m thinking of adding other sports like volleyball and soccer. I also want to help the youth to think about their futures and take them on trips to colleges.

“We are creating an environment where the youth can feel safe and have a place they can always go, no matter what’s going on in their life. Seeing the number of kids who actually come here and have so much respect for QCH, it’s really impressive. A lot of kids depend on this program to stay alive and put their energy into a productive use. It gives them a foundation to help them find themselves.”

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