Truthout highlights our Forest Hills NORC program

April 1, 2017

"In a cozy sunlit room decorated with flower collages on the ground floor at Queens Community House, a sprawling housing complex in the lower-middle-class neighborhood of Forest Hills, a few dozen elders, ranging in age from about 60 to 80 syncopate at their own pace with the brawny aerobics instructor: South Asian women draped in jewel tones bob along; others strive to balance while shuffling in pajamas and loafers."

"Margarita credits the class with helping her get out of bed in the morning. After she was recently forced into retirement from her accounting job, she realized she wasn't ready for life without work, and started idling at home and sinking into despair. 'I was in total shock,' she sighed. 'I said, 'This is death, when you're still alive.' Her friend Gladys persuaded her to do aerobics and yoga a few times a week. Just having a routine every day now has helped her survive." 

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