Meet Your Neighbor: Alex Shih

This is my first year attending the Beacon Afterschool Program at JHS 190, and I haven’t missed a single day yet. Even if I’m sick, I still go to the program. There’s always something you can learn, and I like to learn.

I’m in the Youth Council group, and right now we are organizing a community health fair. Me and my peers are developing a 3-D model of the gymnasium to organize the fair. I always liked drawing, researching and finding out how things work, so this program gives me the opportunity to develop my interests.

I’ve haven’t studied physics in school yet, but I discuss it a lot with my friends. I met Sam here at Beacon, and we like to search for facts and read physics texts together. We both find it very interesting. I like to learn about what binds our universe into one.

I would like to invent something and try to make the world a better place. For example, in the US, we run by currency; if we don’t make money, our system will collapse. If we had a different system, it would be more useful. Me and a few friends have created a sci-fi world which is totally different. There’s conflicts and villains and we talk about it everyday.

Some people say I’m wise for an 11 year old. I say, there’s always room to improve yourself. When I turn 12, I will try to improve on everything I’ve done so far.

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