Meet Your Neighbor: Arden Boyle

"I moved to New York four years ago from a suburban town in North Carolina. Lifestyle is very different here, but pursuing a career in the performing arts in New York has always been my dream. 

If you’re going to be a transplant, it is absolutely necessary to surround yourself with the people and culture of the city you choose to move to.

Two years in, I had been actively involved in many communities, but I still felt incomplete. I wasn’t giving back to the city that had already given me so much. So, I looked into volunteering programs in my community, and I found the QCH Friendly Visitor program. 

I’ve been matched with my friendly visitor for almost two years now, and I am so grateful to know her. Not only did I get the best match (I really did!), but I have built a close relationship with someone I probably wouldn’t have run into without the Friendly Visiting program. QCH has not only encouraged me to continually appreciate my city and the people who have lived here longer than I have, but also has given me a very dear friend."

- Arden Boyle, QCH Volunteer of Friendly Visiting Program

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