Meet Your Neighbors: Marion Fox & Shirley Sass

“I grew up in the Pomonok Houses and when I was eligible to join a senior center, I knew I had to come to the Pomonok Senior Center. I’ve made so many friends and I love the trips we take. We have exercise classes and singing classes, and I feel like they just keep us going.

“We are a family here. If we don’t see someone, we ask around if anyone knows where they are. We look out for each other.” – Marion (left)

“I’ve been coming here since 1997. Every day there’s something new here – like when I saw the belly dancing this morning it just made me feel so happy. I’m a greeter and I scan tickets for the breakfast and lunch. It feels good to see all the people coming here and it’s nice to hear that they like seeing me, too.

“If I stay home, I’m just going to watch TV and sleep all day. This center gives me a reason to get up and get going in the morning. I want to interact with people and hear their stories. When I'm here, I’m never lonely and there’s never a dull moment.” – Shirley­­ (right)

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