Meet Your Neighbor: Principal Bleiberg

"As a teacher, my journey started in nursery and pre-k. Since then, I’ve worked in public, private, charter, and special education settings at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Everything changed for me when I came to QCH Voyages Prep High School. I found all of what I love about working in school while entering the incredible, less-visible world of young people who work and support their families while pursuing their education. 

During the past few years, we’ve witnessed how divided, contentious and cruel Americans can be, but during this same time in Queens, we’ve also seen how kind and cooperative and accepting Americans can be. Working, exploring and learning at QCH Voyages this past decade, I’ve come to appreciate the real scale and grandeur of New York City. QCH is a prism of this city - a place that reflects the youngest and oldest New Yorkers, the generational New Yorkers and the newest New Yorkers, the people who need help and opportunity, and the people who want to teach and give back. What’s special is how places like QCH connect us all: people to resources, people to solutions, people to community. This quiet work doesn’t just support our mission here at Voyages – it inspires and sustains us." 

- Nicholas Merchant-Bleiberg, Principal at QCH Voyages Prep High School

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