Meet Your Neighbor: Cesar Ebonia

"I have been teaching for 28 years (8 years in the Philippines and 20 years in New York City) and I still feel excited by teaching. I consider every year as a new teaching-learning experience.

I worked in a regular high school for 11 years but decided to look for a change of environment. Voyages South is totally different from what I was used to. The first few weeks on the job were challenging in regards to my teaching style and the way I built a personal connection with students. Learning the school culture has been a great help in adjusting and eventually being part of the 'wolf ' family.

The collaborative partnership between school administration and QCH plays a big role in the school culture. The administration, teachers and QCH guidance counselors truly care for the students. The leadership style inspires me to be more creative and resourceful in my teaching, to try new ideas without judgement. For example, I have recently implemented Blended Learning and 3D Printing in my classroom. It makes me happy to watch the students in the 3D Printing class, and to see them realize that their imagination has no limits!

As a teacher, I am very passionate about my students and the work I do. I want to continue to have a positive influence and to make a difference in their lives." 

- Cesar Ebonia, Teacher at QCH's Voyages South Transfer High School

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