Meet Your Neighbor: Lee Beriro

"I'm a part of the Teen program at the Forest Hills Community Center. I first found out about QCH from some friends of mine who always spoke highly about the activities and services here. As a participant, what I love most about being here is the diversity and being able to meet other people in Queens. QCH’s Teen program has helped me become a much more sociable individual. Whenever the doors are open each week, I try to stop by. By regularly participating in the sports activities like volleyball and basketball, it helps me stay consistent and in shape. So far, I’d say my favorite moment in the program is when I got to compete in the summer basketball tournament. But more than anything, being here just makes me feel good because I get to have fun, meet new people, and play sports with my peers."

- Lee Beriro, participant of the Teen Program at the Forest Hills Community Center

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