Meet Your Neighbor: Rob MacKay

"I’ve worked for the Queens Economic Development Corporation for about 12 years. I’ve also written two books on the borough with Arcadia Publishing: Historical Houses of Queens and Famous People of Queens.

I absolutely love the world’s most diverse county. The food, neighborhoods, parks, beaches, and energy are inspiring. But the best thing about Queens is the people. Living here is kind of like traveling without the airport delays, price gouging, and jet lag.

QCH is yet another thing to love about the homeland. In addition to the vital programs, I am impressed by the staff, which consists of some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. The overachieving agency is both a reflection of the great borough and its epitome. Over the years, I’ve partnered with QCH to organize everything from protest rallies to business workshops to language classes. It’s been great so far, and the future looks even better. To be honest, I’m looking forward to hanging out at QCH’s senior center in Kew Gardens in a few years."

- Rob MacKay, Author of Famous People of Queens

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