Meet Your Neighbor: Aaliyah Sen Bedichandani

I’ve truly come a long way from my days of being a shy person. 

I first heard about Access for Young Women (AFYW) from a close friend’s mother. She was planning to enroll her daughter in this program. Our mothers spoke about it, and soon enough, we began attending the program together. 

Some of my favorite memories as an AFYW participant are the icebreakers that we’ve had to get to know each other as peers. I love meeting girls my age and finding common interests, especially in a setting that is more relaxed. I wanted something different than school… something that I wasn’t forced to go to. AFYW is something I choose to attend because I really enjoy it. 

I gained a lot as a participant in this program. I’ve always been a shy person, but since joining AFYW, I’ve become more confident in speaking out and participating more. Also, I learned how to work with different kinds of people and personalities. Throughout the years, I’ve teamed up with many people, some of whom I got along with very well, and others not so much. I’ve learned to adjust and accept that everyone is entitled to their own point of view and thoughts.

I joined AFYW when I was a 6th grader, and six years later, I’m happy to still be a part of the program.

- Aaliyah Sen Bedichandani, Access for Young Women (AFYW) Program Participant

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