Meet Your Neighbor: Mikki Azarcon

When I first started cutting hair, I was averaging about 80 customers a day from my house in Woodside.  Back then I was a household name. Everyone was talking about the Filipino kid that opened up a shop at his mom’s basement. I worked hard and ended up going to school for business. I put everything I had into opening up my own storefront, and finally opened up a shop in Sunnyside.

Down the line, I ran into trouble and ended up losing everything I’d worked for.  It was during that time I realized what community means to me.  Before, I was all about making money. I didn’t think much about charity or community work.  But when I needed support, everyone was there for me – because I was there for them. My family and customers never gave up on me.

Today, @QueensFinest has grown to a full shop and clothing line. I use our platform promote our brand, but also to support other Queens leaders and community organizers.  You have to show love to get love, so that’s what I do.

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