Teens and Older Adults Compete in Intergenerational Table Tennis Competition

As part of QCH's ongoing commitment to building intergenerational relationships within the Queens community, we hosted our first-ever intergenerational table tennis competition at the Forest Hills Community Center on February 22. Among the participants were older adults from our Forest Hills Older Adult Center and teens from QCH's Voyages Preparatory High School, who won the PSAL Multiple Pathways Co-Ed Table Tennis Championship last year. The teens and older adults had a great time competing and building connections through their shared love for table tennis. 

“It was so refreshing to see different generations engage with each other through mutually enjoyed activities,” one older adult said.

The teens were so satisfied with how the event went that many of them were already asking about future competitions. “We always look to create more opportunities for the youth and older adults to connect and have fun, so we're happy that our first-ever table tennis competition was such a success," said Fleance Mason, QCH Director of Teen Outreach.

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