Meet Your Neighbor: Nefertara Moses

Years ago, I was a young mom working two jobs when an injury put me out of work. With no income, we were struggling to make ends meet, and I became depressed.  I noticed a flyer posted in the hallway of my apartment building for the Young Adult Food Sector Employment Initiative, which offers training in the culinary arts. I felt hopeful when I read more about it. I felt inspired, and I applied.

When I walked in on the first day, after so long at home, I felt a new energy inside of me. In the program, I learned how to cook in an industrial kitchen, and I interned in a local restaurant.

Now, I’m starting my own catering company called Veggie Vibez. My meals are colorful, packed with healthy vitamins and taste delicious. Sometimes it’s scary putting myself out there, but I’m doing it. My daughter is 9 now, and she’s my number one taste-tester. We pulled through, and we always will.

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