Meet Your Neighbor: Yalime Ospina

Both my daughters have been involved with QCH after school programs since they started school. My oldest is in seventh grade at JHS 217 and my youngest is in third grade at PS 86. They love the programs because they get to participate in activities not offered in the school day, like dance and computers. I love it because it helps build their social skills and gives me time to work and volunteer in the school.

It was about five years ago that I joined the Parent Teacher Association. As PTA Secretary, it’s my job to maintain effective communication and make sure our meetings are organized and noted. I drive straight from work and spend up to two hours a day at the school. I don’t get paid to be on the PTA; I do it because I understand how important it is to build community around your children’s education. I care about the futures of all the children at the school, not just my own.

I'm always improving myself, and I love this volunteer role because I learn something new every day. It’s in my blood to volunteer and give back. And I’m happy my daughters can see me in a leadership role. It tells them they can also do anything they set their minds to.

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