City & State NY: The 2023 Nonprofit Power 100

City & State NY: The 2023 Nonprofit Power 100 | October 2023: Nonprofit organizations by definition aren’t in the business of making money, but many of them deliver an outstanding return on investment. Nonprofits carry out critical activities that are either outsourced or ignored by government: providing shelter to homeless people, feeding people, caring for marginalized youths and older adults, supporting formerly incarcerated people. Plus, they give a voice to the least powerful among us and advocate for their interests with influential policymakers and those who control the purse strings.

The Nonprofit Power 100, a joint product of City & State New York and NYN Media, recognizes the most notable nonprofit leaders who are strengthening the safety net and serving the most vulnerable individuals in New York. The list puts a spotlight on the leaders of social services providers, legal aid organizations, advocacy organizations and foundations. The list omits many other types of nonprofits, including hospitals and institutions of higher education, while recognizing – but not ranking – a number of government officials and an array of advisers and consultants who play a key role in the nonprofit sector. We’re pleased to present the Nonprofit Power 100.


88. Ben Thomases is one of the most influential nonprofit leaders in Queens. He presides over the Queens Community House, a nonprofit organization that offers a wide range of services from early childhood to senior citizens. Thomases is also co-chair of Queens Power, a group of nonprofit and church groups in Queens that is calling for the former Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens to be turned into affordable housing, saying that 3,000 units could be built on the site.

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