Meet Your Neighbor: Brandon Sines

I started drawing and painting again in 2011 - it was something I really enjoyed when I was young but lost interest in during my late teens.  During that rediscovery, Frank Ape was born in my consciousness. The initial concept was a creature similar to a human but not quite fully evolved - an ancient soul, who felt things very deeply.

When I was younger, I experienced the challenges that many young people face. I did not have a lot of self-love at that time. As I grew and gained perspective, the creation of Frank seemed to happen organically.  Frank is my way of loving myself as well as inspiring others to be kind and understanding of the people around them.

Frank has appeared on murals as high as 40 feet, on store fronts, in art galleries, at craft fairs and beyond.  I’m currently working on a children’s book.

When I learned about QCH’s Generation Q program, I offered to paint a floor-to-ceiling mural in their new drop-in center in Forest Hills. Bringing Frank Ape into their space was a no-brainer, as the program offers LGBTQ youth a safe and loving space to meet friends, find support and above all, be themselves.

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