i-D: NYC's Gay Senior Couples on Love, Pride, and Paving the Way

Manhattan has rainbow flags coming out its eyeballs ahead of the big Pride Parade this weekend, which also marks the 49th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. But Greenwich Village isn’t the only place in NYC with a rich history of queer resistance. Over in Jackson Heights, Queens, a plethora of gay taverns and dance clubs stretch along Roosevelt Avenue, the Latinx-heavy immigrant neighborhood’s answer to Christopher Street. (The area recently came to citywide attention earlier this month, when LGBTQ activists rallied to stand against homophobic attacks on a gay man and trans Latina woman.) And one of the best LGBTQ hubs in the ‘hood isn’t a dance club or disco but the squat brick building hosting the Queens Center for Gay Seniors. In the spirit of radical queer love and staying young at heart, i-D dropped in after lunch to ask the community’s sweetest couples — including longtime lovers and platonic BFFs — about paving the way.

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