Annual Appeal

For 45 years, the organization has been conducting its annual appeal to provide funding to meet the health, social and welfare needs of the poor and vulnerable regardless of race, creed or origin.  The people of this organization have been exceedingly generous, as the minimum goals for the appeal have grown each year to meet the increased demand for vital services and programs.

This year our minimum need is $10 million. The quality of life of many men, women and children and their hope for the future continue to depend on us reaching this minimum goal and on your continued generosity.

Please take a moment to consider how needs are as great as ever and how donors have helped in the past.

Campaign Distribution

Each year your gifts are distributed for those groups that reach beyond the basic boundaries of the organization to provide social, financial, psychological and moral assistance to tens of thousands in our operating area. The budgeted needs for the upcoming year are based on a $10 million goal. The distribution from last year was over $8 million.

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