Queens Community House (QCH) engages in a variety of advocacy and social justice efforts around issues that directly impact our communities.

The core of QCH’s vision is building the collective power needed to support positive change in our communities. We do this by listening and building relationships with our neighbors, providing access to education and information, and fostering leadership development.

Settlement Houses and Advocacy

QCH was founded in the settlement house tradition, which is deeply rooted in advocacy work.  Starting over 100 years ago, settlement houses continue to be action oriented, and new programs and services are added as neighborhood needs arise. Historical examples include the creation of free kindergarten and worker co-ops. Settlement houses seek solutions for the root causes of inequities, leading to their involvement in broader campaigns for transformative change.

What does advocacy look like?

Throughout its history, QCH has been involved in specific campaigns for community change including work on immigrant’s rights, affordable housing, financial justice, and access to parks and open space. Currently, QCH is a member of Queens Power, a coalition of faith communities, non-profit organizations, schools and unions organizing to build power and demand the resources required so that all residents of Queens can live with dignity and have equal access to opportunity. Together, we’re working to address local quality of life issues, as well as broader systemic issues in the borough such as affordable housing, criminal justice reform, mental health, and transportation.

Participation in membership organizations and coalitions is an effective way to extend the reach of QCH’s mission- and vision-driven work.

Membership Organizations:

Get Involved!

We would love to have you join us. There are multiple ways of getting involved in QCH’s advocacy work, from sending letters to elected officials to participating in rallies.

Come to one of our Action Group meetings! QCH Action Group meetings are an important part of our advocacy work. Here you will have the chance to engage with participants and other neighbors, learn more about your community and explore ways to better organize and make positive change!

To join our advocacy efforts, please follow @qch_advocacy on Instagram or email

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